product department

To manufacture and sell products that are developed by our company has acquired a number of patents and utility model. In addition, an early stage efforts with respect to crime prevention and environmental issues has become a serious problem in modern society, there are a number of patent pending products.

Plastic molding department

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We have four injection molding machines, one is110 tons vertical, three is horizonal 450, 350,100 tons. We have performed consistently from design to manufacturing the product planning, so we will respond quickly to short delivery times in high-mix low-volume production.

Security department

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We have developed of security equipment. At present , we sell the anti-shoplifting tags, wire, seal, for crime prevention color ball, and security camera cover in store. We will develop a crime prevention goods into various shapes on request. Please feel free to contact us.

Future energy supplies

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We are selling LED lighting and solar panels have became the mainstream of energy saving measures. In recent years, we has teamed taken up product attentionas a future energy.