Filter performance test equipment

By make a certain amount of oily smoke, have measured “the value filter pressure loss" and "the weight of the oil adhering to the filter".

Into the recess of the metal block is superheated to 260 ℃, and generate the lampblack by dropwise to the oil and water.

By keeping a constant liquid level by using the infrared sensor, pressure (hydraulic) is stable, will be dropping 30g oil and 80g water for 10 minutes.

Main control panel, perform the emergency stop operation, the start of the test (with automatic termination), pre-heating operation, block heater temperature setting.

This test equipment has a current plate duct-rectification relaxation room. Operating in the control panel to two large fan of feathers Φ80cm diameter, have kept constant the difference between external and internal wind pressure.

Filter combustion test equipment

Filer combustion tests method according to JIS L109 A-1 (45 °micro-burner method), and then measure the afterflame time and the carbide area.

Rely on a gas burner flame for one minute at an angle of 45 °to the filter, observe the presenceor absence of drip and measurements afterflame time.

Scan on a computer after the test sample, and measure the carbonized area.

In addition, we tested the tensile strength and elongation test and the amount of keeping oil bending resistance test weight measurement.